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On April 7th, 1966 the City of Chinook deeded to the Chinook Public Cemetery District of Blaine County, Montana the parcels of land used for cemetery purposes.  This was to become what is now known as Blaine County Public Cemetery District and is managed by the Blaine County Public Cemetery Board. 

Blaine County Public Cemetery District
Includes the following Locations:

•  Kuper Memorial Cemetery - Chinook
•  Alice Nash Cemetery - Lone Tree Bench

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Blaine County Public Cemetery District
PO Box 1552
Chinook, MT 59523
(406) 357-3306

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The Blaine County Public Cemetery District is a county office dedicated to serving the cemeteries of Blaine County in Montana. The District is comprised of many cemeteries, the largest being Kuper Memorial Cemetery near Chinook.

We hope that the following information will aide you in your search for relatives and friends. While many of the graves of the smaller cemeteries are listed on-line, Kuper Memorial Cemetery - because of its size- is still under construction.  Meanwhile, you can e-mail or write to the Cemetery District and we will try to find the information you are seeking.

Est. 1966
Serving the Communities of Blaine County, Montana
Board of Directors:
Mick Thompson
Vernelia Tilleman
Elaine Thompson                                                                                

Cemetery Supervisor: 
Don Berger

Cemetery Maintenance:
Brian Friede

Linsey Adair

•  Bethel Bruderthaler Cemetery
•  Cleveland Cemetery
•  Grandview Union Cemetery & Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
•  Hollandville Church and Cemetery
•  Hungry Hollow Cemetery, John Griffin Spring House, Duffield Graves, Hofeldt Ranch, & Don Ross Ranch
•  Hydro Cemetery, Dalke Family Plot, & Nazarene Church
•  Lohman Area Cemeteries and Bunker Graves
•  Mennonite Brethren Cemetery
•  Prairie Chapel United Berthren Cemetery
•  Zurich Cemetery
•  Turner Cemetery
•  SilverBow Cemetery
•  Wing Cemetery

  "A Cemetery exists because every life is worth
loving and remembering Always!"

The records for the following cemeteries have been compiled by the Milk River Genealogy Society.  We thank them for their hard work and their willingness to share these records with the public.  We also want to thank Jeanne Dalton for putting these records in a format that can be used on this website.  If for some reason you feel there is an error please contact the Blaine County Cemetery Board.